Are you one of the many fans that were disappointed with both Wolverine solo efforts so far? Well 3rd times a charm, right? FOX just set a March 3, 2017 release date for the next solo Wolverine film. Along with the release date, a screenwriter has also been announced. Great, more Wolverine.

Deadline reports FOX has hired David James Kelly to script the next installment of The Wolverine, the X-Men franchise spinoff that James Mangold will direct with Hugh Jackman reprising his signature role.

No deets on what the new story will entail. Some suspect it will be tied to in some way to X-Men: Days of Future Past and/or X-Men: Apocalypse, while others think on some degree of an existing comic book story line.

David James Kelly is not I name that I’ve heard before. I’ve seen various comments across the web saying that he’s a talented screen writer, but looking him up on IMDB shows that he has no substantial credits. He had been one of the writers recruited to work on a Daredevil reboot when that character was still at FOX, but that means nothing.

It’s not that a virtually unknown writer can’t deliver, it just seems alarming that FOX would risk putting a successful franchise in the hands of someone so uncredited. Makes me wonder if an earnest effort is being made, or if FOX is just continuing to cash in.

Let’s talk about Wolverine on the big screen. Am I the only one that sighed at the thought of another installment?

I, for one, am tired of Jackman’s repeated outings as Wolverine. I think he’s a nice genuine dude who speaks to fans openly and whole hardheartedly – always saying the right things. However, in my opinion, he doesn’t make for a good Wolverine. He’s too big, handsome and charming. Wolverine is a short, hairy, gristly man who just wants to be left alone. The essence of the character is a beast trying desperately to find peace along with his humanity. Jackman plays it the other way around; his moments of rage and inner turmoil have felt forced. It’s for these reasons that Jackman will never work for me.

My feelings towards Jackman aside, the two Wolverine solo movies were shit. Yeah, there were elements you can cherry pick as favorable moments, and the second film was substantially better than the first, but both films just didn’t deliver. It’s clear to me the talent, creative team and studio are not fans like you and I are fans. They’ve read up on the character for sure, but they don’t KNOW character. They care to capitalize, not vitalize. They’re not in it like Marvel is, with their cinematic universe. They get it.

I feel Wolverine has over saturated cinema – and isn’t that always the case with the character? I’d prefer FOX to wait a few years and reboot the franchise, with a new actor. That would give us something fresh and extend  the property, rather than dragging it along.

Source: Deadline

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