Green Goblin

If anything, this latest picture of the Green Goblin from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will remind young movie fans that it’s really, really important you brush and floss your teeth everyday.

Yes, that’s Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, a.k.a. the Green Goblin. Unlike his predecessor, Willem Dafoe, DeHaan actually looks like a real goblin. In others words, he looks super creepy.

The latest image is just part of the marketing onslaught that has begun in preparations for Spider-Man 2′s premiere in May. With three or four villains, a love story and that conspiracy/mystery set up in The Amazing Spider-Man, this film has a lot of ground to cover in just a couple hours so it’s not surprising we are seeing so much of the Goblin.

If there is one surprise about the character, it’s that he actually becomes the Green Goblin in this film. When DeHaan was cast so long ago, many assumed he would be playing Osborn in this film and then transform into the iconic nemesis in the next one. That’s because the movie is already packed to the gills with bad guys. However, it seems Marc Webb and his team are confident they can give enough time to all of Spidey’s villains. Will Osborn only be the Goblin for the last five minutes, setting him up as the main antagonist for the next film? Will he share time with Electro? Is Rhino getting the shaft?

There are more questions about DeHaan’s character: why does he become the Green Goblin? How does he become him? Why is he gunning for Spider-Man? Most importantly, why are his teeth disgusting? That must have been one Hell of an accident to mess up his chompers. Yuck.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens May 2. All will be (hopefully) answered then.

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