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The year of 2015 shall be the time of the Marvel movement to television. Well, to Netflix TV to be more exact. The news broke last year that they have plans to convert a few of their smaller properties to a series format, including our favorite blind lawyer-turned-hero, Daredevil. They even picked up Drew Goddard as writer and director for the series. Now, the rumormill is churning once again regarding the upcoming Daredevil series. And this time it’s got some rather questionable things to say about whom could be playing the titular character. Scroll on for more… if you dare.

Alright folks… brace yourself for it. A “reliable source’ over at the Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook page says that Marvel is looking to none-other-than former Dexter star, Michael C. Hall to take on the role of Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil.

Okay… just breathe for a second. Now I like Hall. I enjoyed Dexter and even stuck with it to the bitter end despite all the writing flaws. And I always enjoyed Hall’s performance. But I just don’t see it. I’ll support Ben Affleck as Batman, but this is one casting decision I can’t get on board with. Hall just seems too sedate to take on a character that lives a life of heroics, unless they’re going for something a little more bi-polar. Then again, my primary experience with Hall has been via Dexter. So maybe he’s got some dynamics that I’m unaware of?

Luckily, the Internet is rife with rumors that never pan out. This is likely just another of those and we can safely ignore it. But… what if it’s true? Is this the Daredevil we deserve? Can Hall fill the red pajamas with style and grace?

What say the Nerd Readers? Are you in support of this potential casting? Do you think that Hall can fit the super hero paradigm? Or does this seem like the goofiest decision that Marvel could ever make?


Source: MCU-Facebook

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