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Video games and movies are being taken to the next level with the upcoming flick, Pixels. The movie is set to take video game characters and bring them into the real world to cause all sorts of chaos, with only a group of gamers able to save the day. And whether you like the idea or not, it looks like they’ve picked up a new star, one that people might want to see – Peter Dinklage.

This will put Dinklage beside Adam Sandler, a very strange combination indeed. Further, Pixels is being put together by Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison. Once the bringer of good comedies, Sandler’s company hasn’t really done much of worth lately. Whether Pixels changes that trend remains to be seen, but perhaps adding Dinklage to the mix is a good sign? Either that or the poor guy is worried his career might tank. Given his fame on Game of Thrones and his part in the latest X-Men flick, I’d like to think that isn’t a possibility.

Pixels was originally conceived of by Patrick Jean and made into a short film. The big screen adaptation will be written by Tim Herlihy (Little Nicky, Grown Ups 2) and Tim Dowling (Role Models) and shall be directed by Chris Columbus of Harry Potter and Home Alone fame. Check out Jean’s original short flick below:

Pretty clever. The only question is – will Happy Madison screw this one up as much as they have the movies they’ve made over the last decade or so?

What do the folks at home think? Sick and tired of Adam Sandler yet? Or are you willing to give this team a try and see what comes out of it? Do you think Dinklage’s presence bodes well?


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