Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

Comic fans have to be tired of waiting for Neil Gaiman and DC to deliver issues of the recent Sandman revival on time. When Sandman: Overture was first announced, it was supposed to be a bi-monthly series, launching in October 2013 (which, without a calculator, I can deduce that we should be on the fourth issue next month). However, the second issue slid from a planned December drop to an appearance just this past week. Now, Gaiman is saying that issue three won’t even hit stands until July. As the Brits themselves would say: bollocks!

In a recent interview with CNN, Gaiman said:

“July will be issue 3, and then probably some more months; then issue 4, issue 5 and issue 6.”

To make matters worse, Gaiman is promising some pretty crazy shit in the third issue, saying that it will be:

“…the nearest Sandman has ever come to a spaghetti Western. [The book] is not like anything I’ve ever done in any other way.”

By the grizzled visage of Lee Van Cleef! The very idea of Gaiman going all Sergio Corbucci is kind of blowing my mind. To be fair, “excuses, excuses, excuses” isn’t exactly the best way to start this article (but it’s there and I’m lazy and you’ve gotten this far, so who cares?). Neither Gaiman nor DC (who haven’t even changed their official date for the third issue from April 30) have really offered up an explanation. They’re just basically shrugging and giving you the “you’ll get it when you get it”, which I can’t really get too angry about as I used to tell my boss at an old job the same thing when I was running late (though I was eventually fired from that job for “tardiness”).

In closing, Gaiman said that he hopes to return to Sandman beyond this run:

“The characters are still in my head; they’re still there. I really hope there’s more Sandman in there. It would be sad if there wasn’t.”

Me too, Neil. But lets not put the cart before the horse and get the current run out first. Deal?

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