With CinemaCon officially wrapped up there seems to be a few dangling threads. Late last week, twitter was abuzz with the possibility that there might be a few reveals trickling out of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel sequel; most notably the big reveal on Ben Affleck‘s Batsuit in celebration of DC’s launch of Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration. Those fires were kicked up a notch when Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara told the New York Times that announcements (note the plural) on a unified DC cinematic universe were imminent.

Well, the weekend has come and gone, and so far we haven’t see any sign of those announcements (save for those Green Lantern rumblings.) But, that might not be entirely true. The folks over at have posted a handful of pictures late last night from what was reported to be the abandoned launch for DC’s foray into the joined comic book universe market. 

According to their source (known only as Mr. Kltpzyxm) the studio got cold feet on making the big announcement at CinemaCon due to the quality of the artwork and quickly scrapped their plans. SpoilerShoot’s source also says that there is a huge rift forming between how WB wants to market the film and how Snyder and the movies producers feel it should be presented, something that may have also been a factor in the studios hasty retreat from making the reveal.

So what did we miss out on? Well, here is one of the pictures; one that shows what is apparently the title of the long untitled Batman vs Superman project.


Interesting to say the least. To play devils advocate here, the studio may want to soften the image of this movie. Keep in mind Man of Steel has carried some harsh criticism for it’s violence. If they are trying to show that this movie will be ‘fun’ while trying to invoke a little nostalgia by using a title that harkens back to a cartoon… it could pay off.

The source also provided a link to an apparent teaser site,, that is still live (at the time of this writing,) even though the announcement was canceled/delayed.

SpoilerShoot‘s source, Mr. Kltpzyxm, says he will have more information later today including non-fuzzy butcam photos of the promotional material. Till then you can view more photos, including close-ups of Batman and Wonder Woman, over at


UPDATE: SpoilerShoot‘s source, Mr. Kltpzyxm, has apparently become unavailable.


SECOND UPDATE: The website, SpoilerShoot, has been suspended. We will post the pictures they were hosting once they become available.


THIRD UPDATE: Please consult a calendar for today’s date, if available.


Happy April Fools Day!

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