Actor Bob Hoskins Passes Away at 71


The sad news was reported by the BBC yesterday that actor Bob Hoskins passed away from complications brought on by pneumonia at the age of 71. Hoskins retired from public life and acting in 2012 when diagnosed with Parkinsons. 

Hoskins has a special place in many of our nerdy hearts, a number of his movies are nerdy classics, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Brazil, Hook, Super Mario Brothers, and many others. Just the other weekend I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that he was the manager in Pink Floyd The Wall.


His last role was the dwarf Muir in Snow White and the Huntsman:


That’s Hoskins to the right. As much as we loved him in all the nerdy films he had a part in, it was his dramatic works where his talent really shined. He won a Golden Globe for his role in Mona Lisa, was fantastic with Cher in Mermaids. and played a convincing J. Edgar Hoover in Nixon.

He will be missed, although we’ll always be able to remember him through his movies as we surf the channels on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Fair sailing Smee.

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