In an unexpected twist, Seth MacFarlane has pulled an incredible cameo for his latest comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West. It would have been easy to just slip in a few famous western actors here and there, but MacFarlane went a step further with a cameo that will warm the nerdiest of hearts.

That’s right, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) from the Back to the Future franchise makes a cameo in A Million Ways to Die in the West. MacFarlane tweeted this picture when a scheduled TV clip from the movie features Doc Brown’s cameo toward the end.


Here’s the video clip:

It’s not the first time Doc Brown has made a cameo, he did some commercials back in 2011.

Now with this cameo, I’m a tad bit confused. Why would MacFarlane spoil this cameo before the movie hits theaters? Wouldn’t it be better as a surprise? Then again it may be the best move he could make to get the most out of this incredible cameo.

The Internet will be a buzz about this cameo until the movie’s May 30th premiere next week. Perhaps the word of mouth and Internet shares on this cameo will help drive ticket sales. I also wonder what other cameos might be in the movie that we haven’t heard about. Is there another cameo that could make Doc Brown’s seem everyday?

What do you think? Was it a wise marketing move, or a horrible decision?

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