Wizard World Comic Con returned to Atlanta last weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center. It’s been a couple of years since the last Atlanta show and we’ve got some great Cosplay pics and a roundup of the weekend.

Let’s start right off with a gallery of some of the great Cosplay at the show:

As you can see above, there was a ton of cosplay going on, from the fully costumed to the casual fan. The Falcon cosplay was really good. I wish I had caught his entrance at the Costume contest on video. He soared onto the stage with some great flying moves. Overall the cosplay at the show was great!

The Wizard World Atlanta Costume Contest was a lot of fun with celebrity judge Power Ranger’s Jason David Frank and cosplayers Indra “Fantastyninja” Roja, Danny and Heather Kelly, and Michael and Margie Cox.

Here’s a couple quick videos of the contest:

There was a dancing Batkid, not “The Batkid” but he was a lot of fun. His dad made the suit.


The convention had plenty of room to move around, with lots of interesting dealers, lots of comics, t-shirts, and other great geeky stuff. Here’s a couple of things that caught my eye as I made my way around the dealers tables.

The panels were at one point frustrating, because there were celebrity drop-outs and changes, but the staff handled the changes well, and so when one celebrity dropped out, another quickly stepped in. The biggest being when Stan Lee, who wasn’t scheduled to do a panel, stepped in on Sunday and did an hour to a packed grateful audience. Stan knows how to work an audience. I’ve got some short videos and will be embedding the official Wizard World panel videos when they are posted online.

I went and saw Karen Gillian‘s panel, and she was delightful. No real bombshells about Guardians of the Galaxy, except that her makeup took 5 hours and she loved how people reacted to her in makeup, often jumping back out of her way with a “Whoaa!”

Next up was Michael Rooker. He did more of a Rooker VS the Audience type panel and as one would expect, it really depended on the audience asking interesting questions. Rooker was a lot of fun and hopeful that his Guardians of the Galaxy role would lead to more Marvel Movies. He also talked about the makeup and pain he went through in James Gunn‘s Slither.

The best panel of the weekend for me was when Stan Lee stepped in on Sunday. He wasn’t scheduled to make a panel appearance, only doing signings and one on one meet and greets, but when Sunday needed a replacement panel, Stan graciously stepped in with an hour of fun. If you get the chance you need to see Stan speak in person.

Stan went on to talk about his Guardians of the Galaxy cameo:

He also talked about the creation of Spider-Man, his appearance on The Big Bang Theory (He wants to go back on that show and asked everyone to write in to the show and request it), and a lot of other topics, pretty much anything anyone wanted to ask him about. If you’re wondering why the guy with Stan kept repeating the audience’s question, it’s because Stan has trouble hearing these days.

There was a ton of other stuff going on, and it’s next to impossible to cover it all. You’ve really got to plan your day and roll with the changes. Overall the show was fantastic. The space at the World Congress Center had plenty of room and there was a great food court available right in the dealer’s room, so you didn’t have to leave to grab a bite.

The signing area was handled well and it was probably one of the best handled that I have seen. The staff managed the lines well without causing some of the huge blockages that I’ve seen at other conventions. I’ve seen the Norman Reedus line go berserk and this has to be the best I have ever seen, people moved consistently and everyone who got in line got to meet Norman got some great one on one time with the star.

The show was a lot of fun and I am hoping Wizard World will be back in Atlanta next year. The crowd wasn’t huge, but that’s to be expected with a show that hasn’t been consistent with dates each year. Give it another year and I’d expect the crowds to grow. The facilities could handle the extra numbers if Wizard World remained at the Georgia World Congress Center. Word around the show was that Wizard World will be back in Atlanta next year in November. Moving the date once again, but after looking at the convention schedule for next year this date move is a positive one. Taking Wizard World out of the busy Summer Schedule to a time where fans are ready to go to a show that is not bookmarked by other big shows.

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