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ABOVE: Guardians of the Galaxy fan poster, There are a bunch of fan posters available to view over at Poster Posse.  [GeekTyrant]


Here’s Tira from Soul Caliber, another fantastic cosplay by Sehnsuchtneedle. I’ve never played Soul Caliber, but this makes me want to check out the game. [CosplayBlog]


Check out this fantastic Comic Con Dress made from the swag bags that Comic Con hand out to convention goers every year. Deviantartist Bandoodie created this masterwork of creativity.[GAS]


Combine your nerdy love of Back to the Future with your gambling compulsions with this Back to the Future 2 Biff Poker Chip set. Marty’s Mom’s big breasts not included. [Movies.Com]

Bane Cat is back in Mewopisode 2. This time he’s got a feline criminal companion and it’s not Catwoman. [Bloodblitz]

I really want a forward thinking marketing executive to grab one of these fan made trailers and use it in a national television promotion of the film. This Transformers Age of Distinction home-made trailer would do just fine. Release the trailer then follow it up with this home-made version, I’m betting it would put butts in theater seats and garner additional media exposure for an already over exposed product. [Cinefix]

The HISHE guys and gals have done it again with this How Frozen Should Have Ended video. One thing, watch it all the way through. You wouldn’t want to miss the singing Wolverine. [HISHE]

What is really impressive about this “Every super hero movie every in one shot” video is that it was done in one continuous shot. The effects are on par with any Sy-Fy movie of the week, in fact the effects are better. [Dorkly]

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