DC All Access has just released a Gotham featurette that focuses on the characters and how they all interconnect. It’s mixed in with footage from the show’s pilot and has one major and very interesting deviation from Batman Comic book Cannon.

I’m gonna drop a spoiler warning here – Spoiler Warning! – because in Gotham, Bruce Wayne’s (David Mazouz) parents die, and I wouldn’t want to spoil that for any long time Batman fans before they see it happen in Gotham.


Crap… I kinda just spoiled it there. Just forget what you just saw. It was never there, it was all just a Twinkie/Redbull induced dream. Before I go and give something else away, take a look at the featurette below.

There’s a couple interesting items in that short video. The biggest being that Gordan and Bullock are assigned to the Wayne murders. This, as Ben McKenzie who plays James Gordan says, is the big deviation from Batman comic book cannon. It’s a smart move on the writers part as it allows the show to establish a clear and reasonable link between Gordan and Bruce.


As the only living witness, Gordan is going to have to talk with Bruce. The writer’s can use that link to further develop Bruce’s relationship with Gordan, perhaps putting Gordan in the mentor role for Bruce when it comes to legality and a strong moral code. Could this be where Batman’s “No Killing, No Guns” policy comes from?


Another big question in the series will be the development of the villains. First we see Selina (Camren Bicondova) lurking around Wayne Manor, and she seems to be the one person who might be able to connect all the characters actions together. She certainly seems to be the one who knows what everyone else is doing.


For me, I’m very interested in Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), we’ve been told she is the boss/mentor of Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Taylor) and will unwittingly, or not so unwittingly, usher his rise to criminal boss-dom as the Penguin. Will this mean that Cobblepot will kill her in the end, or just force her out of Gotham? If the first, is he successful, or does Mooney survive and leave to recover?

Could this character make the jump from the small screen to the comic book pages of Batman like the Arrow‘s character Diggle?  For Smith, that might just be the prize at the end of her role. Nothing would acknowledge her performance more than having her character join the Batman comic book canon.

What are you most interested in? The video didn’t cover all the characters so I expect we’ll see more video that looks closer at Bruce and Gordan, while introducing those characters left out of this first video.

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