Quiet legend of stage and screens, Carol Kane takes on a role most fowl, adding to Gotham‘s growing cast of bizarre but familiar characters.

TVLine has revealed that Carol Kane (Girls) has joined the cast of the first season of Gotham as Gertrud Kapelput, the mother of Oswald Cobblepot (a.k.a. The Penguin, played in this series by Robin Lord Taylor).

Long before Batman or Bruce Wayne existed, there was Gotham City, a barely vague interpretation of the worst parts of New York City. Sometimes it was depicted as being in NYC and other times, writers would ignore simple geography and act like New York didn’t exist. Either way, it’s huge sprawling real estate, defined by the worst criminal activity in the history of comic books. But apparently it’s got good neighborhoods too, because Wayne Manor wasn’t built in the ghetto. But both Thomas Wayne’s mansion and Gotham are why we have Batman. And Kane’s Mrs. Cobblepot is why we have the Penguin – one of DC Comics’ most deranged psychopaths.


Her film and TV credits include The Princess Bride, and Taxi, yet she considers herself foremost a stage actress, once absolutely nailing the part of Madame Morrible in the Broadway behemoth Wicked.

Kane is an immensely talented actress who really doesn’t get the props she so heavily deserves. We could be looking at Gotham‘s biggest score with her addition to the cast, but I’ll give the rest of the players a chance before handing out high-fives. But she IS a 2-time Emmy winner. Vicki Cartegena can’t say that. Nor can Ben McKenzie. Now that I look on IMDB, she’s the biggest name on the roster! Guess I am handing out high-fives…

Diane Salinger took her non-speaking version of the role in 1992 for Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, and was paired with Paul Pee Wee Herman Reubens as Mr. Cobblepot. How insane would it be for him to reprise that role?? That’s the best idea I’ve had all day, and it’s barely lunchtime so my I.Q. is still rising.

We’ll see the Oscar nominated actress in “Gotham” Mondays at 8pm this Fall on Fox. It’ll be interesting to see what villainous elements abound during a time before geekdom’s finest Rogue’s Gallery officially takes shape.

Source: TVLine

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