The El Capitan Theater hosted the World Premiere of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy last night in Hollywood, California. I guess the phrase “star-studded” could be thrown in here for cliche’ purposes, but we’re just digging on what one dude had to say. Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight was jacked up on the Red Carpet by Marvel Entertainment’s online reporter and immediately told her that he can reveal “absolutely nothing.” Then he goes on to spill just about everything he knows. From the back-in-the-day feel of the show to tidbits about Wilson Fisk’s personality, DeKnight lays it on her real groovy. Can you dig it?

The new Daredevil series is part of a foursome to be produced exclusively for Netflix. Along with the Man Without Fear, we’ll see 13-episode projects for Jessica Jones, Power Man, and Iron Fist, not necessarily in that order. Very little is known about the other entries but it looks like Mr. DeKnight would rather take a beating than leave us in the dark about what’s going down with Double-D.

Going for a “kind of very gritty, 1970s New York feel for the show,” it looks like the series is going to have its own unique style and direction. DeKnight goes on with, “We love the idea of beauty in the decay of the city and Hell’s Kitchen being a place that is both horrible and beautiful at the same time. That’s why Matt Murdock loves it and wants to protect it.”

The showrunner then speaks about how he visited a top secret lair where super cool things he can’t talk about went down. He also describes Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin as being one of the scariest villains the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever seen. And anyone who’s ever seen Full Metal Jacket knows that D’Onofrio is one scary sumbitch.

After Fox botched making a good Daredevil movie, they sat on their hands for a few years as the clock on their rights protection clicked away. Near the end, director Joe Carnahan was in talks to direct a reboot and he put together a “sizzle reel” containing his vision for a film with a 1970’s setting. Here it is:

If that reel don’t sizzle, I don’t know what does. That was some funky shit! Needless to say, Fox shook their fists at Carnahan and passed, dropping the film rights back into Marvel’s laps. Leave it to Marvel to take the meat of the idea and run with it knees to chest! Having already confirmed that the actual show would be set in present day, this approach gives me some high expectations. Kind of like how Breaking Bad never really let you in on its timeline, I’d love to see DD’s way of doing it. Another example is Pulp Fiction. You’re not privy as to what era that movie is set – could be 70’s, 80’s, 90’s whatever. That’s what I’m looking for here from Daredevil. Gotta love that whole ambiguously blank slate that you can do anything with. Sky’s the limit with these guys.

Mr. DeKnight told the reporter that the series date is sometime in 2015. Then he slapped her five and said “Catch you on the backhand side!”

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