Guillermo del Toro‘s a busy man these days; his new series The Strain has been enjoying a lot of positive feedback on FX, and he’s currently filmming his next big screen effort Crimson Peak. But because fans have long memories, we also want any and all details on stuff that might be developing, no matter how early, about upcoming work, like the sequel to del Toro’s 2013 hit Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim 2 was a surprise announcement last month, because a lot of the discussion about it till then was geared more towards the speculative. But now it’s full steam ahead, and while talking about his current projects, del Toro let slip a bit of detail about what might be coming, and where it might take place, in Pac Rim 2.

In a new interview with Shock Till You Drop, del Toro played coy when asked if the sequel will take us some place pretty far from the oceanic region in the title. Here’s the exchange:

Shock: Are you going to go to the Kaiju world in the sequel?

Del Toro: I will not answer that. I take the fifth.

Shock: But I’m asking the right questions?

Del Toro: You’re asking the right questions but not necessarily the way you think. If you think are we invading their world, we’re not, but we’re showing more of that world.

Sounds interesting. Almost like how James Cameron’s always talking about exploring the wee small corners of Pandora in the Avatar sequels. The first film opened the door, but the alien world of the Kaiju was appropriately alien with a lot of what was on screen not being given a proper explanation. And that’s okay! We like being puzzled, but what is the story with Kaiju World? Is it a fluid dimension? Do the Kaiju-makers live underwater? There are so many possibilities, and its nice that del Toro’s imagination will be allowed to play them out in a part two.

The filmmaker also discussed briefly how Pac Rim 2 came to be. It sounds like Legendary Pictures kind of took pity on him, but the film did make enough money to be successful, and there’s probably just enough fan demand to make the producers want to make it happen. Here’s what del Toro had to say about that:

[W]hen we finished the first one, we said, “Well, we could go here or there.”  At some point, Thomas [Tull] and I met and we said, “You know what, it took such an effort to create the world, we would like to continue.” When Legendary moved, they moved with that property. Thomas took it with him, so it’s a fortunate coincidence of events but we started talking about it before they made the move.

During the course of the interview, there was also a question about Crimson Peak, the haunted house movie starring Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam, and Jessica Chastain that’s due for release next year. Described as a ghost story and a gothic romance, Peak was Legendary’s pick for del Toro to follow-up Pacific Rim with. Shock Till You Drop wanted to know if the director had to compromise his vision for the project, and as luck would have it…

Shock: You got to make your big haunted house movie with Crimson Peak. Did you have to make any compromises to get it done?

Del Toro: No, so far everything’s good. It’s been one of the great experiences shooting Crimson Peak, knock on wood. Legendary saw it last week, Universal sees it this week.

Crimson Peak is scheduled for North American release on October 16, 2015; Pacific Rim 2 will be in theaters April 7, 2017.

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