This Fall, Batman will again be the talk outside of Gotham when his new Kevin Conroy-voiced game debuts. Yesterday, GameStop teased a playable story within Batman: Arkham Knight, but you have to pre-order the game in order to access it. Inside the tweet was a blurred out image (ABOVE) of the character they were featuring. This information comes behind the already announced challenge maps and “story pack” of Harley Quinn‘s playable avatar. The pixelated image could actually pass as Pitfall Harry (how cool would that be??), but the color scheme is completely wrong. It still produced a good amount of fervor over the interwebs, even though you’d have to be a real noob to not know who it was. There aren’t too many Bat-friends wearing red things on their heads.


The Red Hood’s playable appearance is an exclusive to GameStop. Formerly one of Batman’s Robins, Jason Todd was captured by the Joker. Comic book fans voted tat the Joker killed this Robin, so the Joker beat him to death and blew him up. Years later, Todd came back as the Red Hood, kind of ruining all that drama, but creating a bitter and angry new vigilante foe for the Caped Crusader. The Red Hood is particularly cool, immortalized by the exceptional cartoon Under The Red Hood, almost always available on Netflix. But is all this really worth the pre-order?

Once upon a time, pre-ordering was about a party making sure they got their hot game before the store sold out. With downloadable games and manufacturers over-manufacturing these days, stores push pre-orders mostly to get special bonuses. I don’t hate the player or this game, but I’ve never been much for pre-ordering. I pre-ordered Superman 64 in 1999 and it was the worst game I’d ever played in my life. If I’d seen a few reviews about it, I wouldn’t have bought it, but I was roped in early and had to take the trouble to return it to the store. I just don’t feel like there’s a need to pre-order games anymore.

But GameStop offers a hell of an incentive. I could do without the 75th Anniversary poster, but it could be a collector’s item someday. The challenge maps sound okay, but I’m really sold on being able to play as Harley and Jason. They could be the coolest incentives to pre-order a game, ever. And the game itself looks fantastic. Gotham is fully realized and meticulously developed. For some reason, Batman’s wearing a lot more metal than I expected. The bullet-time effects are still Matrix-y but cool. Have a look at Iron Batman below and decide for yourself if it’s all worth it!

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