Just when you thought you were done with anything Guardians of the Galaxy until you saw the movie in the theater, along comes these two video gems. Each has just enough new stuff to tease without throwing away the baby with the bath water. The first has some new footage of Nebula in all her scary blue glory while the second is the Critic’s trailer, slap full of praise and glory for James Gunn‘s Marvel Masterpiece. Find out what these critics have to say.

Let’s get right to it, here’s the Nebula featurette:

Damn, Karen Gillan and Zoe Saldana look fierce! It’ll be nice to see two strong female roles in one Marvel movie, let’s hope the trend continues. It’s interesting how they film a ton of these actor interview/character questions with the stars way earlier than they actually use the bits. Karen Gillan has grown her hair back to a short bob style seen at the movie’s red carpet since filming, so her remarks had to be made right after or during shooting.

Next up is the Critic’s trailer, you know, that trailer that keeps throwing huge words of praise across the trailer scene you’re trying to watch.

Interesting choices for which critics were used. They definitely leaned more toward the Internet’s go to movie review site and not the more conventional media outlets. The good news is that James Gunn’s movie looks like it earned those accolades the hard way. By being awesome.

I’ll see you at the theater opening weekend!

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