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The first official look of Georgina Haig as Elsa the snow queen from Disney’s Frozen in ABC’s Once Upon A Time is here. You’d think with all the hoopla and presence Frozen has on pop culture, that fans would be would welcome a live-action Elsa no matter who she be or what she look like. Well, you thought wrong. With comments like “I’ve seen better costumes at Comic Con” and “Where’s the boobs” going around the net, fans aren’t thrilled about it. 


It makes me laugh how people are complaining that the girl playing Elsa doesn’t look exactly like Disney’s Elsa… a cartoon character.

Once Upon A Time is not a re-telling of Disney animated films. Her look doesn’t matter, her costume doesn’t matter, and the writers are going to tell their own story. This actress may be incredible for their interpretation of Elsa’s story, so wait and see how it all pans out.  The whole point of this show is that it takes what you thought you knew and gives it to you in a different way. Much like how fables and fairytales themselves have changed with each retelling throughout the centuries. Everything old is new again.


The original story by Mark Poynter from July 3rd 2014 follows:

Hot on the heels of the recent casting announcement of Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster as Anna and Kristoff, ABC’s Once Upon a Time has just revealed that they’ve found their Frozen Snow Queen, Elsa.



That’s right, ABC has cast Georgina Haig to portray Disney‘s Live Action Snow Queen on season four of Once Upon a Time. You, being the nerd you are, most likely remember her from Fringe, where she played Etta/Henrietta Bishop the daughter of Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham.


For those of you that will try to share this news with your less nerdy family members, Haig is currently playing Lee Anne Marcus on CBSReckless: a former member of the Charleston PD who hires Jamie Sawyer to represent her in a lawsuit against the police department. As Jamie and Roy Rayder battle it out in the courtroom, it is discovered that Lee Anne’s case is much bigger than either of them expected.

She joins the already cast Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster rounding out the Frozen characters expected to appear next season:


There’s still no word or rumor about the possibility of Olaf the snowman voiced by Josh Gad, making an appearance.


Although the Once Upon a Time show runners must have some plan to make a nod towards the character, perhaps a snow globe, or some cast member making a snowman that looks like him at some point in the season. I doubt we’ll get the actual walking, talking, dancing, singing snowman, but one can always hope.

All that’s left is to wonder if this Once Upon a Time Frozen season can capture and translate the magic of the animated movie’s incredible popularity on the big screen to lure weekly viewers to the small screen. Will audiences tune in for a few episodes and then drop the series when there’s little or no singing?

Once Upon a Time returns to television September 29th at 9PM.

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