The full video of some of the major SDCC14 panels are starting to hit the Internet and these you can actually see and hear what everyone’s saying! This time around we’ve got the panels from The Walking Dead, Arrow, and Game of Thrones.

First up let’s take a look at the Arrow panel. We posted the new season three trailer here. Below are some of the highlights listed that you can watch out for in the video.

– Roy will become more interesting by taking on the role of Arrow’s official sidekick, Arsenal. Don’t expect the transformation to be all candy and roses, however. Some of the tension from season 2 still needs to be resolved.

– Strange stuff will be happening to Thea. Actress Willa Holland wouldn’t say much other than “Thea is going through something pretty crazy. All I can say is I’ve been hitting the gym a little bit.” Dark Archer protégé anyone?

– Diggle potentially leaving Team Arrow to take on the role of a father.

– Finally we’ll be getting a better look at Felicity’s back-story. The Felicity-centric episode is said to be coming fairly early in the season.

– The introduction of Roy Palmer, aka The Atom. Exactly how long he’ll be staying around and in what capacity remains to be seen.

Arrow SDCC14 Panel:

Next up is AMC and Robert Kirkman‘s The Walking Dead. The season five trailer went up yesterday, and if you haven’t seen it, go check it out now. It looks amazing! The panel video was broken into two parts and features just about the entire cast.

The Walking Dead Part One:

The Walking Dead Part 2:

Last in this post, but certainly not least in our nerdy hearts is HBO and George R.R. Martin‘s Game of Thrones. There wasn’t a trailer for next season yet, but they did bring a Game of Thrones gag reel that’s a lot of fun. There’s a TON of announcements in this panel and you can check them all out in the video below, or use the gag reel link above. All those announcements are listed there.

Game of Thrones SDCC14 Panel Video:

As more of the panels from SDCC14 hit the internet, we’ll bring them to you. Check back to find the panel about your favorite nerdy interest. Don’t forget that we’ll also be bringing live blogs from many of the panels today. Check NerdBastards and find out if we’re in your dream panel.

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