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A little over two years ago, back in 2012, Deadpool creator Rob Leifeld hinted to fans that there was test footage made for an “R” rated Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds. He described the footage, but no one really knew if he was telling the truth, or just pulling our collective legs. Now we know! Watch it quick before FOX or Marvel get it taken down!

Leifeld responded to tweets about the Deadpool test footage leaking online with this tweet:


Director Tim Miller‘s company Blur Studio has officially released the animated 8 minutes of test footage (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) that was leaked earlier this week. Now we can get a good look at the footage. Will this spur the powers that be to get off their asses and make an “R” rated Deadpool movie?



Here’s some video of Liefeld describing the footage :


Here’s the test footage in all its glory!!!

FOX had that one taken down but you can still see it here using this link.

At first I thought it might be a fan made Deadpool video using footage from the Deadpool video game, but then it became clear this was something else all together. I just don’t understand how “R” rated movies like Kick-Ass can get two movies, but we can’t get one “R” rated Deadpool movie. Someone in charge must see that this would rock the box office.

Don’t try to fit Deadpool into another Wolverine, X-Men, or X-Force movie, just give the guy his own stand alone movie. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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