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EDITORS NOTE: Story updated from 1/25/14. Original article carries on below.

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise we’re surprised when Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and his brother Ivan Raimi announced at San Diego Comic Con that a Evil Dead TV series was in the works (see below).  As if that wasn’t exciting enough, a recent tweet by Bruce “The Chin” Campbell has implied he will not just be involved in the series, but actually be starring in it, reprising his role as Ash Williams.

bruce I really hope this happens but Raimi and Campbell have been trolling us for years.

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Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have been the victims of an endless amount of bother in the last year. Fans keep hearing rumors about the potential for an Army of Darkness 2 and some of what’s come out of Raimi and Campbell’s mouth hasn’t done much to quell the speculation. As it turns out, the pair may have been screwing with us intentionally, just to get our juices flowing, for they’ve just announced that Evil Dead will be coming back, though in a television format.

Raimi and Campbell were talking at a panel at SDCC, discussing the particulars of The Last of Us movie that Raimi is producing. Fans of the Game of Thrones television series might be happy to hear that Raimi and company are looking toward Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) to take on the role of Ellie in the flick.

But that’s not the big news that everyone is talking about. Once Raimi got the expected chatter out of the way, it was on to the big announcement. He said that he is in the process of writing an Evil Dead television series. What’s more, it looks like Bruce Campbell will be involved in the show.

Unfortunately, there’s little other news regarding the show. The most logical assumption seems to be having the story revolve around Ash and the fight against an army of undead that run around causing all sorts of havoc, though Raimi is just as likely to come up with something more unique to keep us entertained. If and when Nerd Bastards hears anything more about the series, rest assured we’ll let you know.


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