Comic-Con has come (verified) and gone and now we’re left with stories about Nic Cage in space, Hellboy screwfests, redheaded sith lords, Ryan Reynolds and the best CGI costume that he has ever worn (we’re talking about the Deadpool footage, not Green Lantern. Promise), our #LounginWithLoggins initiative, a trip to the stars with Batmanaughey and more things, like:

— Late breaking news from Con Air-Con 2014!

— The Star Wars rumor to end all rumors (about wrestlers being in Star Wars until we get our rumor about the Iron Sheik being cast as a Hutt.)

— Test footage from #TacoTalk the movie leaks (inexplicably features Deadpool.)

— Helpful tips on how to not loose your sex toys.

The RadioBastard Hall of Excellence welcomes the world’s foremost pirate archer (Orlando Bloom) for great accomplishments in Bieber hate and occasional co-host/word writer/Twitter champion Chris Cummins for having a moment of Howard the Duck magic with Leah Thompson.

George R.R. Martin walks and other leftover SDCC revelations.

— Jeremy and Jason struggle to understand the appeal of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and bathe in the space boner glory that is Interstellar in Trailergasm.

All that and #TacoTalk’s great burger vs. tacos debate devolves into a contemplation of a post apocalyptic battle between the taco and burger loyalists on this sassy episode of The RadioBastard Podcast.

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