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ABOVE: The Rocket Raccoon and Groot figures from Hot Toys were previously announced, but now they’ve added in an extra accessory. The figures will also be getting a one-sixth scale dancing Groot potted plant to go along with the larger figures! It makes the $359.99 price tag hurt a little less [SideshowCollectibles


Groot Cosplay. Makes you wonder why a CGI Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy was even necessary. Though, if you’re gonna cosplay as Groot, shouldn’t the face have that big Groot smile we all love? That would have made this 12% (that’s a GOTG reference btw) more perfect.  [FashionablyGeek]


Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones. If a remake had to be done, Pratt would be a fine Doctor Jones. I say this only after watching Guardians of the Galaxy.  [TheMarySue]


The Wizard action figure that you never knew you needed. You can gaze at it while wearing your own Nintendo Power Glove. [ToysREvil]


Hot Toys Gamora figure. Oh yeah… That is one sweet action figure. Hot toys you nailed it. First female figure without the blank stare. Though, I really feel like this figure needs to include an extra head sculpt of her smirking to show off her sass. [Facebook/HotToys]


Kay Pike in full Gamora cosplay. Great Googly Moogly, is this nicely done. I’m jealous of the guy who got to paint her. [CBM]


If Jabba the Hutt were to lose weight… That only took 6 months?!?! Sign me up! [GAS]

Happy Gilmore as a 8-Bit (and 16-Bit) video game, because everything is better in 8-bit. Take that Bob! [Cinefix]

How Captain America: The Winter Solider should have ended. I find myself watching movies in a different way after watching all these HISHE videos, looking for plot holes. [HISHE]

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