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When you tell most people that Clancy Brown has been cast in anything, they’ll probably be like “who?” Then you show them a couple legendary movie role pics and everybody’s all “Oh yeah, that dude.” The 55 year-old actor has built his career around supporting superstars, always the “top kick.” He’s one of those go-to guys for when you need a brusk jerk giving orders. Well, now the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ actor has been tagged for Flash duty, playing a part described as “a tall and imposing man, with a face carved from years of duty.” Seen that before, as the voice and character performer has cashed a lot of checks from playing parts fitting that description. If anyone still has no idea who I’m talking about, let’s get a reminder of just who this guy is and find out what he’s doing on ‘The Flash.’

clan trooper

From ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ to ‘Highlander,’ Clarence J. Brown III has always been “that guy.” The role I loved him in most was as Career Sergeant Zim in ‘Starship Troopers,’ a performance he’d go on to repeat in the animated ‘Roughnecks’ version. He’ll be taking on another command role in the DC speedster’s series as General Wade Eiling, aka The General. He’ll lead a black ops military team out to nab Plastique (Kelly Frye). She’s a woman who can turn things into bombs, btw. So good luck with that one, Clancy old boy.

The General is moderately well-known in the DC Universe, so it’s nice to see them using established characters for this series instead of making up some superfluous person nobody cares about and trying to sell it to fans. It should also be noted that he’s been the voice of the most badass Lex Luthor since Batman: The Animated SeriesSuperman, and the two Justice League incarnations, among other adaptations. He’s as iconic as cartoon Lex as Kevin Conroy is as Batman. Well, not THAT iconic, but somewhere close.


One of the many keys to success in projects like this one is hiring the right people within your spending budget. Knowing your strengths, working with them; understanding your weaknesses and firing them. Picking up Clancy Brown for this series is a score. Not an epic score but a really good one because he’ recognized in nerdom and has a good relationship with DC. Like when Gotham picked up Carol Kane. I was really into that casting choice because it’s inspired thinking and she always promises a good job. I feel the same way about Brown.

‘The Flash’ is expected to continue DC’s superlative television work on Oct. 7th on The CW.

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