The Millennium Falcon is a light freighter that had many names since its construction before the Clone Wars. That either makes it a classic or a piece of junk, depending on how high you rank Xibit’s ride pimping skills. Somehow or another, Lando Calrissian got his hands on it and got his hands off it – stupidly losing the property to smuggler Han Solo in a card game. We Star Wars fans know these things because the movies have been out since the late ’70’s. So we know what the ship looks like on the inside, but that was 30 years ago. This thing can’t be getting better with time, but these leaked photos from the Episode 7 set will help you decide that on your own.

We’ll start things off with what looks like a very believable hallway. I could pull up some Falcon schematics from Google to pinpoint where this might be, but I just argued with somebody about who’d win in a fight between He-Man and Lion-O, so I’m nerded out right now. But I will add that Star Wars 7 News thinks this is a Star Destroyer hall.


What’s this familiar peninsula? Looks like we’re headed toward the cockpit. The padded walls along the Falcon always concerned me. I like the safety aspect about it, but seriously, a more cautious pilot would cut down on all that head banging.


These very closely resemble the original chairs, but they aren’t. I already compared this view with another from Empire. The top curves are just a little bit skinnier. But that’s okay because it stands to reason that the chairs were due for an upgrade since then. From the same upholsterer, though?


Another view sans green screen. I’ve also compared elements from different sites about this vantage point too and it looks like very few changes were made except for the chairs (so much for being ‘nerded out’). I wholly appreciate that, but it would also make sense that Solo (or whoever owns the thing) would consider a few retrofits other than that alien hallway.


If Solo still owns the ship, I doubt he’s continuing with his small time smuggling operation. He’s probably married to Leia, who should be hot shit by now, living on a small colony of Alderaan survivors and reigning over them. With that, he’s got to have deep pockets and can afford a modern ride, or at least be able to fancy up the Falcon. That’s what makes me think he doesn’t have it in his possession. Maybe Chewbacca or Lando have it at the start of Ep.7…

Or Leia’s not even rich at all, playing a very small part in Jedi resurgence – her brother Luke playing the bigger role. To ignore her strength in the Force would be stupid, so she’s got to be contributing somehow or another. Can’t be much money in it, so I can understand her and Han living a modest life somewhere until crap hits the fan and they’re called back into action. Basically, I’m considering the possible reasons why the ship still looks like shit. There are dozens, I’m sure. Feel free to add your own below!

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