Star Wars: Rebels is a computer animated series set five years before Episode 4: A New Hope. It is a time of strife and insurgency, as the rebel alliance is taking form in the heat of the Galactic Empire‘s ever-growing strength. Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, and Greg Weisman are executive producers on the project. According to Kinberg, it’s chock full of brand new characters introduced to the canon storyline, and will also feature a few familiar faces. The first season should run about 16 episodes and in promoting the new show, Lucasfilm Ltd. has released this 3-minute short entitled ‘The Machine In The Ghost.’

In this video, the R2 unit is called “Chopper” and I feel for him having to deal with annoying coworkers who can’t keep their heads in times of stress. And the public displays of affection shown later are definite phone calls to Human Resources. From what I’m getting here, Twi’lek Hera and renegade Jedi Kanan head their own rebel squad and have their hands full on board their ship Ghost. It’s dogfight city out there and, considering the timeline, the Emperor’s probably got a fully functional Death Star, with another on the way. It seems like a fun little romp with Disney capitalizing on measured creativity and expert timing.

I say “timing” because thanks to the eagerly anticipated return of the Star Wars universe with Episode 7 in the works. And it’s definitely a Star Wars property, sporting all the atmosphere and feel of the movies before it. I love seeing new characters, but I most appreciate it when they’re accepted as canon and less likely to just up and disappear like almost all the stories from the novels. Expect 3 more shorts over the coming weeks.

What we want to know is who the new bad guy is, because of course there has to be one. Can’t just ride out that whole pre-arranged Darth Vader problem, there’s an opportunity here to add to the universe. And that they did. Meet…The Inquisitor:

Hatin’ the name, dudes. Hatin’ the name. But he still seems like a cool villain, and unlike Hera and Kanan, is obviously quite mellow under pressure. The above is a character video and you can check out more of them right here on NerdBastards.

The short did what it was supposed to do, but I feel like we’ve seen so many parts of it in other promotional pieces that something altogether new would’ve had more impact. I mean, seriously?

Look for it on Disney XD sometime this October.

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