As tight as security has been on the set and production of Star Wars: Episode VII there have been a couple of leaks aside from the official announcements and marketing material. We recently reported on a sketch purported to be the new Stormtrooper helmet that will be used in J.J. Abrams Star Wars: Episode VII. Now some images has surfaced on the Internet showing us two distinct types of Stormtrooper helmets.

Here’s the first image. It’s the more traditional Stormtrooper helmet upgrade, like what we can expect to see on Stormtroopers serving on destroyers or space ships.


When compared to the sketch from the other day:


That’s pretty spot on sketch don’t you think? I must say that the helmet in the first picture looks damn fine. We should expect some changes after 30 years. That helmet above looks pretty sweet and I bet there will be some 501st costume makers burning the midnight oil to get one of those vacuformed.

There was a close up image of this helmet showing the “Mouth” section:


Now it could be shadows, but it looks like those are two distinct pieces, perhaps an upper and lower half?

*UPDATE: New picture of a shelve of helmets! Gives us a much better view of the right side of the helmet. SHINY!


Here’s a great comparison picture from RPF:


The second helmet below has been called the Jungle helmet by some. but I have to say it looks more like an updated Snowtrooper helmet to me. Considering the rumors that Chewbacca was in a winter world scene like the planet Hoth a few weeks ago, it just makes more sense to me.


What do you think, are these legit? We all know that Disney is not going to skimp when it comes to marketing this franchise in toys, games, costumes, and what ever else they can make a quick buck on.

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