It looks like Playstation’s Powers is getting some of the last big pieces into place. The most recent bit of news is that Sharlto Copley, likely best known for his role in District 9, will be playing the lead of Christian Walker. Walker is one of the two primary characters in the comic series from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, which the show will be an adaptation of. In addition to Copley, Michelle Forbes has joined the cast to play a superheroine known as Retro Girl.

The series will follow two detectives, Walker and his partner Deena Pilgrim, who investigate homicides involving people with superpowers, otherwise known as Powers. Walker was once a Power himself, before losing his powers after a battle with a super-human killer. He now uses his unique perspective to investigate crimes involving the Powers community. 


Forbes will be playing Retro Girl, the superstar of the Powers community. She’s everything a hero should be: selfless, just, noble, and strong. Her powers are only matched by her business acumen and the way she handles her own personal brand.

Other cast members of Powers include Eddie Izzard as the villain Wolfe, Olesya Rulin as power wannabe Calista, and Adam Godley as Captain Cross. The first two episodes of the series will be directed by Hannibal‘s David Slade.

At first glance Copley doesn’t seem quite the fit for Walker as he’s portrayed in the book, as Walker is a large, intimidating man. He used to be a superhero and his body size matches that idea. Granted, Copley is a great actor and can probably bring a lot of depth to the character, especially once the show starts delving into some of the more interesting back story and history that many of the characters in Powers have.

Powers was always a singular sort of comic, one which featured superheroes, but took them in decidedly different directions while making the police procedural format a very big part of the book. Bendis and Oeming worked on Powers for a decade, something almost unheard of for a creator-owned book of this variety. Seeing it come to television, especially with a partner like Playstation, is amazing.

While the success of the Walking Dead likely had a little to do with Powers getting the greenlight, more comic-based television is always a welcome thing in this comic geek’s opinion.

Think Powers has what it takes to stand out?

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