When Evangeline Lilly was cast in ‘Ant-Man,’ everybody thought she was a great pick to play Janet Van Dyne’s Wasp, the comic book founding member of the Avengers. Then, news broke out that she would actually be playing Hope Van Dyne, Janet’s and Hank Pym’s daughter (some sites are calling her Hope PymIMDB isn’t doing either). We all started to wonder who would be playing the Wasp in that film, especially when it was reported that Janet, if alive, would be a senior citizen by then. It started to make some kind of sense that Marvel Studios would choose against plotting Hank and Jan’s relationship because it had some very dark clouds above it. But fans still wanted their Wasp and it wasn’t looking like we were gonna get her until today.



I feel like I’ve been speculating about stuff all week and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna end today. I’ve speculated on Janet being dead by the start of the film, but Bad Ass Digest noted that the script describes her as being “gone” instead of “fridged.” Now I’m speculating about Hope, as Ms. Lilly posted this pic of herself sporting a new ‘do’ on her Instagram page. The Daily Mail claims it was done for the role. If they’re right, it wasn’t just some random occurrence, nor a Lilly-ism. And if this haircut came with the character, then why? Hope was never supposed to get into any real action in Edgar Wright’s original script, so did all that change? SPECULATE, DAMMIT!

How much of a coincidence is it that her new cut is very similar to how Janet Van Dyne used to sport her hair during the Silver Age of comics? Jan’s routinely rocked the bob or short look, and it always meticulously styled no matter how much fighting she got into. Why would Marvel and company do this? To put us in the mind of Hope’s wasp-y mother?


As an homage? To screw with our brains? Is it a wig she’s wearing to throw us off some sort of scent? And why does Evangeline Lilly look like she could play the role of the Wasp so damned well? ‘Lost’ showed us that she was hot and could act while ‘The Hobbit’ proved she’s got the chops for physical fighting. Know what I think? I think she’s going to play the Wasp, just not as J.V.D., but as Hope – and her image will approximate what we are used to seeing in the comics. That’s my story and I’m duct-taping it to my massively built chest.

But just for a different perspective, I called Nighthawk and asked him his opinion. He thinks I’m ridiculous to even consider all this and that I’m making everything up and calling it “speculation.” And then he called me an idiot.


Yeah. Screw you, Nighthawk.

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