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Remember the days when you had to wait to see a movie before you could spot the Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout?  Well, Marvel is known for breaking down barriers and changing the rules of the game, and it looks like they are even changing the way audiences spot those little nods to the other characters that reside in the MCU.

After a very rocky start, production on Marvel’s Phase 3 entry, Ant-Man, is finally underway.  Since the production team has decided to lead the filming with exterior shots in the middle of downtown San Francisco, many fans have already seen set shots a-plenty. Thanks to Twitter user @jl31400, who grabbed this latest shot (and even put it in context), Marvel fans have a bit to get excited about.

If you are missing it, that advertisement plastered to the wall on Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) right is for Pingo Doce soda, a direct reference to one of the first Marvel Studios movies, The Incredible Hulk.  For those who may have skipped The Incredible Hulk, Ed Norton held the role of Bruce Banner as he hid out, trying to rid himself of the Big Green Guy.  While hiding out in Brazil, Banner worked at a bottling plant where they bottled, you guessed it (or knew already, if you saw the movie), Pingo Doce soda.  Later, after Banner accidentally spilled a couple of drops of blood into one of the bottles before it’s sealed, fans even see Marvel’s Generalissimo take a few sips before realizing something has gone wrong with the beverage.

Does this Easter Egg indicate that fans may see Bruce Banner, or even Hulk, show up in Ant-Man? It is definitely not outside the realm of possibility and given the fact that both Banner and Hank Pym are scientists, it would almost make sense to include the character(s).

Ant-Man is a bit of a wild card for the MCU.  After fans were thrilled with the decision to have filmmaker Edgar Wright take the reins, Wright and Marvel decided to part ways, as they were not a good fit for each other.  The script was then reworked and the project was offered to a few filmmakers who passed on the flick, until Peyton Reed (Bring It On, The Break Up, Yes Man) decided that he was up to the challenge.  Those familiar with Reed’s work would likely agree that his movies are uneven, to say the least, but the decision to let him handle this new property shows that Marvel has faith in his abilities.

Ant-Man will hit theaters on July 17, 2015, and that’s when the public will really get a chance to see what happens with a truly risky property.  If you think Guardians of the Galaxy was risky, just remember the talented James Gunn was leading the way for that movie and had the chops to pull it off.  As a matter of fact, Gunn and the cast of GotG did so well that after a month in theaters, it reached #1 at the box office yet againAnt-Man, on the other hand, has been passed around so many times that it makes fans wonder exactly why so many directors decided to walk away.  Will it be a disaster or just another hit for the Marvel Machine?  We will all know for sure next summer.


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