We’ve seen the Thing picture floating around the Internet from Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot. First FOX started throwing around Cease and Desist orders to take the image down, then weeks later Trank tweets the same picture, which hangs around for a day or so and then gets deleted. Now we’ve got a couple of shots of Doctor Doom on set. Wanna get a look?Here’s the pictures, take a look and then let’s discuss:

With that huge green screen behind him, that motion dotted big guy standing in front of him must be the Thing’s motion capture stand-in. I’d imagine Doom’s (Toby Kebbell) suit will also get CGI updates in post production. I have to say that it reminds me more of the Ultimate Doctor Doom than the traditional armored version.



Do you think we’ll get the cloven hoofed version? It looks like Doom can float/hover/fly. There’s another image I can across putting this together:



Is this Johnny Storm’s (Michael B. Jordan) flying rig? The gloves make me think perhaps his hands are aflame for this scene, where he most likely flames on and takes off flying.

There’s been a lot of controversy about this movie from the casting, script rewrites, changes to the FF canon, and just about every other thing that can go wrong with a production besides someone getting hurt on set. What will the final product look like and will it have any connection to the comic book family we all know and love?

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