Welcome to this very special Doctor Who filled edition of the RadioBastard Podcast! This time on the show, Jeremy and Jason are talking about Peter Capaldi‘s full debut as The Doctor in “Deep Breath“, Jenna Louise Coleman‘s possible exit and what John Hurt smells like with Doctor Who expert and Panama hat enthusiast Steven Sautter.

Also on the show (which will be filled with spoilers from “Deep Breath”:

–Do we love Peter Capaldi yet?
–Steven and Jason get into a bit of a row about the brilliance of David Tennant‘s Doctor and his amazing exit and then we discuss why Steven is silly for not believing these things and how Jason clearly has an advantage since he writes these words even though it forces Jason to talk in the third person like he’s Rickey Henderson.
Matt Smith? Really?
–Jeremy proves his Whovianness
–Is that weird lady from the end of the last episode The Master? is she River Song? Someone new? And what about “The Promised Land”? Is it heaven? Would Doctor Who get overtly spiritual?
–And, if you’re a big fan of our work on Batman and Superman: Friendship is Magic, Jango and the Fett, and our un-produced screenplay for Cannonball Run 3 (aka Thunder Butt Fever: The Quickening), then get ready to hold onto your butt and moar, because here comes not one but TWO new ideas for Doctor Who spin-offs! We await your call BBC America

All that and more on RadioBastard’s Guide to the New Doctor Who. Listen with your ears!Eyes

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