This year’s Dragon Con went by in a flash, it felt like we’d just checked in and suddenly after an avalanche of Cosplay, cocktails, and cavorting the whole thing was over and we were packing up the car to return to reality. There was so much great Cosplay this year, but that’s to be expected at Dragon Con. We’ve got a gallery of what we saw this year along with the official Dragon Con TV coverage of the Parade on Saturday morning.

Let’s start with a look at what one would have seen if you just wandered the halls of the host hotels. These 400 plus pictures are just a sample, it’s almost too much for the senses to take in. If it was nerdy, geeky, and had a fandom, it was represented in cosplay at some point in the convention. One of my quirky favorites was the Chicken Lady from The Kids in the Hall. She had us in stitches as she squawked and tried to pick up the guys walking by.

Dragon Con 2014 513 (Copy)

Another truly memorable Cosplay was this insane Joker cosplay. We had stepped into one of the hotel bars to grab another cocktail and sitting at the bar eating was the Joker. We talked a bit because I saw his mask sitting on the bar counter and he asked if I wanted to see how it all worked. I got this video, but I have to apologize for it being sideways, I thought my camera would flip it for me, but haven’t figured out how to yet.

We met up with the Real Life Peter Griffin in the Mariott lobby and again at the G.I. Joe shoot. He also cosplayed as Sargent Slaughter, you can see him at the top of the stairs. He cosplays a great Slaughter, and cracked me up by slipping into his Peter Griffin voice when we chatted at the foot of the stairs. If you get a chance at a local convention you should stop and talk with him, he’s very down to Earth and just tickled that people like his Peter Griffin impersonation so much.

Here’s the part one of the gallery of cosplay pictures taken at this year’s Dragon Con:

That last picture was a huge dragon that had everyone looking up at the Marriott.

There were a ton of group photo shots going on the entire weekend. just as one would finish another group would appear. The big Marvel shoot was surprised by a visit from Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and his brother which prompted perhaps the world’s largest “Grooting” after which Gunn thanked everyone.

Dragon Con’s Saturday parade is always a big hit. Perhaps the best way to watch it though is from the air-conditioned comfort of your hotel room as every year it is blistering hot out there. One friend walked in the Ghostbusters group and even without his twenty pound Proton Pack on his back he and was drenched in sweat when he got back to the room. Where else but Dragon Con would you have a parade with the parade announcers cosplaying as Parade announcers?

The weekend went by in a flash and as much as we saw over the weekend, you just can’t help but feel that you missed something. The Internet helps though, even now there are thousands of people sharing their photos and experiences from this year as they begin planning for next year. Hotels are already booking for 2015. Will you be there next year?

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