batman can sculpture

Japanese artist Makeon has an interesting take on upcycling aluminum cans. He uses them as his materials to create sculptures of his favorite nerdy characters.  

dino can sculpture

Makeon doesn’t use any paint to create these pieces. He preserves all of the original artwork and branding on the cans, working it into his final design. Notice how the patterns and printing on the can add to the illusion of dinosaur skin in T-rex pictured above.


stormtrooper can art

We all know how popular papercraft projects are with the geek DIY set. Makeon really takes that to the next level by using cans as his medium. How ingenious is his manipulation of the cans? I love how he’s kept their shape in some of the sculptures.


The level of detail and hours of work Makeon puts into these is unreal.

the wave

Makeon also branches out and creates aluminum can art outside of the pop culture sphere, as is evident by his reproduction of The Great Wave shown above.

Have a look at Makeon’s blog and website for more of his work.


(Geeks Are Sexy via Laughing Squid)




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