James Gunn Groot Dragon Con

It’s no secret that everyone loves Groot, especially when he dances. See what happens when a bunch of Marvel fans dance the Groot for James and Sean Gunn. Plus, Michael Rooker gets in on the action, too!

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn decided he needed to celebrate his first year at Dragon Con with some Grooting. In case you aren’t aware, “Grooting” is when you stand behind someone, dance like Groot, then stop as soon as they turn around.

James and his brother Sean staged the Groot-off for DragonConTV, which makes it a little less exciting than it would’ve been had they not planned it out. Still, it’s adorable. You can tell Gunn loves and cares about the fans – which matters, a lot.

But Dragon Con wasn’t the only place to see some major Grooting.

At Wizard World Chicago, Guardians of the Galaxy stars Michael Rooker and Dave Bautista get their Groot on, as well. Despite the valiant effort of the Marvel fans at Dragon Con, they can’t beat Rooker’s excellent dancing skills.

And as a recap, if you still can’t figure out why we’re all obsessed with Groot, here’s the scene everyone’s talking about:


(Hat tip to Topless Robot for the Dragon Con video.)

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