I never saw the horror film ‘Mama’ but now that I know Jamie Lannister’s in it, I may just have to check it out asap. That’s my guy, in all his sick and twisted sister-loving douchery. It’s about a couple taking in the husband’s young nieces who’d just spent the last 5 years living alone in a forest. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, I expect that film to be bonkers because that guy’s a crazy man. When I watched the trailer, the first thing I thought was “dude, I feel like I’m playing ‘Silent Hill’ with these claustrophobic hallways!” And then it dawned on me that director Andy Muschietti would do serious justice to a survival horror video game movie. Sony Pictures has similar ideas for the writer/director – just not all that similar.

‘Shadow Of The Colossus’ is not survival horror. It’s an action/adventure game from Sony Computer Entertainment. It hit shelves back in 2005 and was a big hit. Somewhere around 2009, they started talking seriously about adapting it to film, but that was soon forgotten about. Looks like they re-remembered, because Andy Muschietti was just hired on to direct the feature, even though it didn’t make this list. So far, he’s directed one film and written one developed screenplay. Put those together and you’ve got ‘Mama.’ Sounds like he’s ready for a multi-billion dollar production company to stake the future of a movie franchise all on his shoulders! Here’s the trailer for ‘Mama’ in case you spaced on it like I did.

He replaces Josh Trank, who bowed out to work on ‘Fantastic Four’ and at expanding the Star Wars saga. Writing this thing is Seth Lochhead. He’s another one who wrote a movie once. But at least it was a good movie in ‘Hanna.’ He’s tasked with telling the story of Wander, a young man traveling a forbidden land. In order to save the life of a girl named Mono, Wander has to defeat sixteen different colossi – boss monsters in the game. Each monster has a specific weakness and you routinely don’t win unless you figure out what it is. And that’s it. There’s no town to explore, no other characters to talk to. It’s a boss fight bonanza and Seth’s gotta turn that into almost 2 hours worth of movie.

Which is hard. Writing any screenplay is hard. I’ve written 9, one of which was worth a damn. That’s less than 10% of my work being any good, as one can confirm from the articles I write here on NB. But I figure the major obstacles here are 1. the screenplay 2. compelling actors to drive the minimalist story 3. fantastic score 4. directing it adequately over 90 minutes, and 5. keeping it out of that landfill of terrible video game movies. My advice to the team is to study Honest Trailers like the Russo Brothers did for ‘Captain America 2.’ Their approach was to make their movie as Honest Trailer-proof as possible, trying to predict what those voice over critics might say about it. Hey, if it worked for them…

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