We’re back with another batch of Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay pictures and videos. There was so much there to see that if we’d tried to put it in one post it might have overloaded and shut the site down! This time up we’ve got a Cosplay gallery, a great musical cosplay video, and more Deadpools than you can shake a stick at!

Lets’ start out with the Dragon Con Cospaly Gallery Part 4. If you missed the first three you should use these links to check them out:

Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery Part 1

Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery Part 2

Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery Part 3

That Super Skrull was truly impressive. The facial makeup and prosthetics really moved well on his face when he talked. Definitely a top ten costume for this year’s Dragon Con for me.

RealTDragon put together a great musical cosplay video for Dragon Con 2014.Set to the music of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell. This video should put a smile on your face this Monday morning.

RealTDragon had a list thanking those involved:

Lindsey E– Ezreal
Crissy – Satsuki
Sleeping Forest – AshAsh & Sonico
League Cosplay Group – Titanesque
Luis – Battle Ready Ezreal
Jihastu & Gmo – Bardock DBZ
SevCosplay – Gamagori
Kristal – CptCarrot
Casey – Starfire
Nova Chan – Joffrey
Missy – Ryoko
Nathan – Doctor Who
Khamomeal – Meg X Raven
CoffeeCat – Mulan


There’s another tradition at Dragon Con, The Deadpool Conga Line. This year it was subtitled: Chimichanga’s Revenge. Headed up by Shannon Lew, (That’s her in the taco costume in one of the videos below) or should I say herded by? This annual event is a heck of a lot of fun. I did it back in 2013 and just didn’t have the time this year and find myself regretting that decision now. Here’s a mixture of videos that captures a taste of the event that features tons of Deadpools making their way through three of the Dragon Con Convention Hotels.

If you want to get in on next years, check out the Facebook page that’s already set up!

That wraps up Part 4. Check back tomorrow for the last batch of Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Galleries!

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