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Rumor Central is broadcasting a doozy today, folks. Word has it that Warner Bros. is moving toward developing their own space movie now that Guardians Of The Galaxy has proven its power. Space is in now, and if you don’t copy Marvel’s every move jump on that interstellar bandwagon, no one will hear you get paid. Sure, DC Entertainment and friends can say that they’ve been planning this all along. All they had to do was drop a list of 9 unnamed projects through 2020 and fill them in with copies of whatever works for Marvel. In this case it sounds like they’re going for obscure-cosmic-ensemble-cast. Sound familiar? Well, wait until you hear what this project is!

The Legion Of Superheroes is a long-running title with many updates and years worth of changes. The team made its first appearance in 1958 in Adventure Comics. They were a time-traveling group with close associations to Superboy. Eventually the Krypton Kid was phased out of their stories and only made cameos from time to time. The title and roster would undergo several reboots through to the modern era. In fact, below is a cropped poster of the right side of their entire lineup. If you imagined the rest of it filled in to the left, you’d need two or three more screens to see it all.


In fact, here…have fun with it.


I have no idea who these people are. When it came to DC, I stayed with the major players like Batman and Superman. Yeah, now and again I dipped into Atari Force, but that was rare. I mostly made mine Marvel, so what I know about the Legion Of Superheroes could fit inside an ant’s toilet. Am I jazzed for this movie should it get promoted past the rumor mill? No. But I’ll tell ya what…if it’s an awesome film, I look forward to being like one of the many many ignorant schmoes who loved ‘Guardians’ without knowing anything about the comic book.

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