I’m just going to throw this out there: If you’ve never had the opportunity to view any of Animation Domination High-Def’s series of “Scientifically Accurate” cartoon jingles, based on the opening theme  songs and credits of some of pop culture’s most beloved animated characters, then you are doing  yourself a grave disservice. Let me tell ya, they are a beauty to behold. ADHD has already tackled  DuckTales and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but the animation group has a new target: Chip ‘n  Dale’s Rescue Rangers. If you’re ancient like me, you’ll remember the series featuring the title  characters solving crimes and what-not with their mice companions Monterey Jack and Gadget and the  housefly Zipper. No set up I could give this video would do it justice, so just give it a look.

Compare this to the actual theme song of the 1990s Disney cartoon.

Because I’m 12, I cackled like I had gotten a hold of the Joker’s laughing gas as I watched the Scientifically  Accurate version of the theme song. From the mention that chipmunks can carry lime disease and  parasitic eggs to the explanation that their teeth grow into their brains, I think I might have to give  back my “adult” card. And there was the focus on what the animators refer to as the chipmunks, ahem,  dick bones, which was a point touched upon in my favorite of the animation team’s creations, the

Scientifically Accurate DuckTales jingle.

…which is NOT to be confused the incredibly adorable DuckTales theme which replaces cartoon ducks  with real ones and made the rounds on the ‘net a few days ago.

So get to watching the videos and fall down the YouTube rabbit hole! That work is going to procrastinate  itself!

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