Rambo ... Sylvester Stallone as the action hero.

It’s the age of the elderly action star, it seems. We’ve already seen three installments in the Expendables franchise, Arnie “The Governator” Schwarzenegger is returning to do more Terminator movies and now, as if on cue, Sylvester Stallone wants to make another Rambo flick. It was announced back in June that Stallone was writing up a fifth movie in the franchise and now, if the rumors are true, there’s a title as well. Read on for all the eye-rolling news.

The rumors comes to us via ComingSoon so, like all Internet babble, take it with a grain of salt. And the title is…

Rambo: Last Blood

Seriously. That’s the name that’s being tossed around. This is one bit of news that I sincerely hope doesn’t pan out. Pretty much anything anyone could think of would be better than that. How about Rambo V: Rambo in Space? Or maybe Rambo V: I’m a Pretty, Pretty Princess? Bah, I’m washing my hands of this…

Want another laugh? According to Splendid Films, the company that sent out the press release that Stallone was returning for Rambo V:

“With Rambo V, Sylvester Stallone returns in his iconic role. This time he goes up against a Mexican cartel. Stallone describes the new Rambo as his version of No Country for Old Men.”

Rambo versus a Mexican drug cartel I can see. His version of No Country for Old Men? Sorry, Mr. Stallone, but I don’t really see you being able to pull off something of that caliber, particularly if you’re rehashing the Rambo series. Maybe play it a little humbler and compare it to something like, say… Expendables 3?

Apparently, this whole Rambo V thing has been a bit of a mess. It’s been on-again and off-again for years, ever since 2008 when Rambo (that’s the fourth film in the series, not to be confused with First Blood, which was the actual first film) came out. It’s changed scripts, changed titles and gone through all sorts of pre-production hell. So now that it’s finally here, I really wouldn’t expect them to settle on a name like Rambo: Last Blood. How about Rambo V: MuthaFuckin’ Explosions?


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