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The cast has been announced for the live-action film version of Attack On Titan and we have been provided with some spectacular looking shots of each of the characters. We have noticed that some of the Japanese names are not actually part of the Manga or Anime, so this has left us assuming that liberties have been made in the script. Furthermore, in the manga and anime, Asians are practically extinct with the character of Mikasa being considered exotic – due to her kind being rare.

Producer Yoshihiro Satou offers more information on the casting front when chatting with, and he pitched in with this little tidbit:

“We weren’t concerned about casting people on the basis of whether or not they looked like their character in the manga. After many discussions with Isayama-sensei, we cast people only on the ability to carry over the spirit of the character.”

So it appears that acting ability was a major priority in the casting department (which kind of makes sense if you really think about it!).

According to, director Shinji Higuchi had many discussions with the cast members before they started shooting:

“They carried out their roles splendidly. One part would have no less than three costume meetings, camera tests, etc. Details on the 3-D gear and costumes were custom made so that each character matched their manga counterpart.”

Higauchi elaborated on the seriousness of getting the cast into character (…military drills …pretty hardcore eh?!):

“Isayama-sensei was a bit embarassed when came to the set and saw the military drills for the first time with the cast in costume. He gave them his stamp of approval.”

Check out some of the costume designs in our gallery bellow:


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