It was going to be one movie, it was going be two movies, and now apparently Josh Boone’s adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Stand will be a whopping four films (making it a tetralogy, according to my extensive, exhaustive, five second google search). Boone, a life-long Stephen King fan, initially sold Warner Bros. on a single, three hour movie with an $87 million budget, but apparently the studio came back to Boone and asked if he would be willing to expand the story into multiple films.

Boone told Kevin Smith‘s Hollywood Babble-On Podcast, “They came back and said “would you do it as multiple films?” and I said “f*ck yes!” I loved my script, and I was willing to drop it in an instant because you’re able to do an even truer version that way. So I think we are going to do like four movies. I can’t tell you anything about how we’re going to do them, or what’s going to be in which movie. I’ll just say we are going to do four movies, and we’re going to do THE STAND at the highest level you can do it at, with a cast that’s going to blow people’s minds. We’ve already been talking to lots of people, and have people on board in certain roles that people don’t know about. We’re looking to go into production next year, maybe in the spring.”

It’s probably too early to start speculating about which movie will cover what or what subtitles we can expect (The Stand: The Desolation of Flagg, The Stand: Infinity War, The Stand: Deep Space Nine). However so far the loudest casting rumor indicates Boone and co. want Matthew McConaughey for the villain Randall Flagg, suggesting one of the four installments may be a southern courtroom drama.

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