We all had to suffer through the multitude of fake Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailers the week before the real one finally hit the Internet. Most were pretty bad, using old footage and sound clips, more than one just went straight to the Rick Roll. A few actually captured the Star Wars feelings we all wanted to relive. The official teaser has a lot of people talking about lightsaber hilts and cross-guards and debating the rolling droid’s usefulness. Now that we had the teaser trailer you might have thought the fan tweaked teaser trailers cavalcade might have been over, but you’d be wrong.

This time we’ve got the first tweaked trailer and it is glorious in all its wrongness. What if George Lucas got his hands on the teaser trailer? What would he do? He’s have to mess with it a bit, just add a few details. Of course those few details would dovetail into a spiral of changes that would keep Lucasfilm‘s special effects group working overtime for months.

Youtube user timtimfed has taken the time to show us what it might be like:

That was perfect, well really Lucas would have added much more. What else do you think Lucas would have added?

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