J.J. Abrams took to the Internet to thank fans who participated in the Star Wars: Force For Change program to benefit UNICEF‘s Innovation Labs. The campaign raised $4.26 million to improve to improve the lives of thousands of children around the world. As he did when announcing the initiative, Abrams and crew made a video with a few sneak peaks around the set.

There’s certainly not as big a reveal in this thank you video as there was in the first two videos (Which you can check out below), but there were a few things here and there that fans can now speculate about. Lucasfilm‘s president Kathleen Kennedy makes an appearance along with a few cast members and a lot of the set crew.

I found myself scanning the background of each shot, looking for some signs or something out of place, but didn’t come up with anything interesting. I do wonder what those black cases will end up being. I’m sure there are people going through the video frame by frame looking for secret Easter Eggs, but I didn’t find any.

Some might ask what those guys were shooting paint ball guns at, but that actually makes me feel better, because the amount of practical effects that Abrams is reported to be using in the movie is much more than one would expect in this CGI Movie Making World we live in today. Rumor had it that the production bought up all the paint ball guns in the area because the effects people wanted the Stormtrooper weapons to have a kick when shooting them to enhance the visual effects of the troopers shooting them during fight scenes, by making the guns actually kick when fired.

It’s a year from now when Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters everywhere December 18th, 2015. That means we have a long time to go and many more teasers and rumors to explore. In the mean time check out the first two videos In The Star Wars: Force For Change campaign.

Video 1:

Video 2:

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