There might just be some zombie like life left in the 28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later franchise. Although it has been eight years since the second film, 28 Days Later script writer and 28 Weeks Later Producer Alex Garland is raising hopes that a third movie in the rage virus horror movie franchise might just get rolling soon. Days and Weeks both did well at the box office, with the Days earned ten times its production budget while the follow-up Weeks earned a very respectable return of six times its budget. What’s Garland have to say about a possible third film?

At a recent visit to IGN in London, Garland was asked about the possibilities of another film in the series.

We’ve just started talking about it seriously. We’ve got an idea. Danny [Boyle] and [producer] Andrew [Macdonald] and I have been having quite serious conversations about it so it is a possibility. It’s complicated. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why it’s complicated, which are boring so I won’t go into, but there’s a possibility.

Garland also said that he would most likely produce again and not take on the script writing chores for any additional movies. He did have something to say about the title.

It’s more likely to be 28 Months than 28 Years. 28 Years gives you one more place to go. 28 Decades is probably taking the piss.

I agree that 28 Months Later has got to be the next title, mainly because no Hollywood executive in their right mind, or even their un-right mind would give up and chance of another sequel. When the second movie finished with the rage virus escaping England and making its way to France and infected running through the exit of the Paris Métro Trocadéro station with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

I like the thought of a 28 Decades Later movie though. How would the world change in that time frame, not only in the day-to-day things one would have to do in a world like that, but how language, community, and family ties might be affected.

If you liked 28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later then you’ve most likely  been reading the Crossed comic book series the last couple of years. If not you should check out the series, it is delightfully twisted. Comic book writer extraordinaire Alan Moore has come on board to do a series set in the Crossed universe that takes the series one hundred years into the future to explore how life has changed.


It’s well worth a look for Zombie/Rage Virus horror fans. Crossed also has a free web comic published weekly. Use this link to check it out. There is one completed story Wish You Were Here and one ongoing Dead or Alive.

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