Marvel may not like sharing casting news until the ink is dry, but once things are rolling along, they certainly don’t mind sharing. This time Marvel has released a new set of Avengers: Age of Ultron production stills, most of which we’ve seen variations of before, but you know Marvel, there’s always some little nugget in there somewhere for fans to find, Ohh and Ahh about, and speculate to their heart’s content. Can you find it?

There’s even some Joss Whedon director action shots. I find myself wondering if those Whedon action shots are like the infamous Industrial Light & Magic prop makers shots where when ever anyone pointed a camera at them, they picked up a tool, even when the prop was completely finished.

Take a look and tell us what everyone else is missing when they look at these stills!

Which still was your favorite? Mine was the Hulk and Black Widow. I’m guessing she calms him down enough for Banner to gain control and reemerge after that epic Hulk versus Hulkbuster-Iron-Man fight.

No matter which was your favorite, this movie is going to blow us all away. There’s just under three months left until the May 1st release date. Have you already picked out your theater seat?

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