Just a couple months after being cast for the lead role the Marvel/Netflix project ‘AKA Jessica Jones,’ Krysten Ritter’s taking in her first day of shooting. She was spotted on the NYC set yesterday looking very much like a young woman with something on her mind. And it’s not just the blistering cold. The story of a former superhero with PTSD, turned private detective to make ends meet, is definitely deep material to glean from. With the look on her face in some of these pics, I’m expecting our fair share of introspection in this story. Or maybe she was just freakin’ cold. Check it out.


Allegedly operating under the codename “Violet,” none of these candids are action shots. Some sites reporting this have pointed out that the pics are pedestrian because she’s not wearing any crime-fighting attired. But, for a P.I., this IS crime-fighting attire because her days of wearing spandex are long finished. At least until the “power of four” finally get together to form ‘The Defenders’ somewhere down the road. Here’s our first taste of Ritter gritting her teeth while an assistant takes away her rather warm-looking coat.


“I don’t LOVE this home, I’m out the do’!” Is this her house? Is she meeting with a client? It’s a side-eye type of day.


Supposedly being filmed at Lehman College, here she is traveling down a snowy nabe. Just kicking rocks in deep thought.


Nope, none of this adds to our understanding of the story or the scene or anything. But if that’s what you want from the first day of production, you’ll need to check reality because that’s not how it works. We can take one thing from this though: man is she cute! When she was hired for the part, I (foolishly) second guessed their motivation but I’m sold on her now. I never associated Jessica Jones with the druggie from ‘Breaking Bad’ – my frame of reference for all things Krysten Ritter. But these pics have put all that out of my mind because I’m digging the look. She is really pretty. And I’m not being shallow – what the hell else are we supposed to take from these shots?

No purple hair though. Obviously they’re not taking it in that direction, and that’s okay with me. But it’s not brown either. Not to be nitpicking, just saying. As a comic geek, of course I’d notice such things. Thoughts?

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