So much for that Ross Bagley comeback you were all counting on… Anyway, casting news! Everyday it seems that we’re actually going to be getting that long (and long and long) anticipated sequel to Independence Day, and nothing says “This is finally going to be a thing,” like casting news. It’s been a busy day for Independence Day 2 casting, which is strong sign because shooting will likely have to begin on the film before summer in order to meet its pre-determined Summer 2016 release date. Sadly, there’s no reason for Ross Bagely to get excited though, for his part, the pivotal role of Will Smith‘s character’s stepson from the first film, will now be played by an entirely new actor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jessie Usher, star of the series Survivor’s Remorse and Level Up, along with the football movie When the Game Stands Tall, will step into the grown-up boots of Dylan Hiller in the ID4 sequel. Bagley played the little scamp in the first Independence Day, the child of Vivica A. Fox‘s stripper girlfriend to Will Smith’s Marine Captain Steven Hiller. There had been rumors that Michael B. Jordan was up for the part, but that’s not been proved speculation, or maybe the deal just fell through.

And behold! Further casting news from the director, Roland Emmerich.

Jeff Goldblum, of course, played the cable repairman/computer hacker that brought down the alien fleet with a computer virus in the first film. Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth, according to the scuttlebutt, will be playing the son-in-law of Bill Pullman‘s character, the President/fighter jock in Independence Day 1. There’s no confirmation that Pullman himself will have a role in the sequel, but it’s been widely expected that he will be involved in some capacity. The possibility of Judd Hirsch returning as Goldblum’s character’s father, and thus opening the door for more stereotypical Jewish family bickering, is unknown.

Will Smith, the star of the first film, is not expected to return. Presumably including the grown up Dylan in the story will explain why the senior Hiller is absent (dead or disappeared).

We’ll keep you posted with further casting developments as they come in. Independence Day 2 will be in theaters everywhere June 24, 2016.

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