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The February 17th episode “Fallout” was the last time we had any new Flash. We won’t see the scarlet speedster again until March 17th. But all good things come to those who wait, and good things are a coming – er, well, if you consider a bundle of bad guys “good” that is. The 17th episode, “Out of Time.” will bring us the new Weather Wizard. On the 24th we get the return of Captain Cold and the introduction of the Golden Glider in “Rogue Time”. The grand daddy of them, The Trickster, will show himself on March 31st played by none other than Mark Hamill from the 90’s Flash series.

This latest trailer introduces this rogues gallery of villains. Check it out below and laugh manically. 

The Weather Wizard, Golden Glider, and Captain Cold are nice and all, but Mark Hamill’s The Trickster is the real ticket here. The same character he played on the original series. Only it’s his first time in this version of the world. Oh, and there’s actually two Tricksters this time around. The original is James Jesse (Hamill), who is stuck in Iron Heights prison. The new blood is Axel Walker (Devon Graye), and Mr. Jesse is not happy that this young wipper snapper is using his name and gadgets.

You’ll notice the file photos that we see during the Trickster segments are from Hamill’s original turn as Trickster on the original Flash TV series. What a nice ode to the original series.

The Flash returns on March 17th. We’ll see Hamill’s Trickster on March 31st.


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