Minecraft, Mojang’s wildly successful EVERYTHING simulator, is one of modern gaming’s most profound success stories. It’s responsible for countless hours of creative, highly social fun for gamers of all ages and denominations and, for my money, is one of the greatest examples of what gaming can and should be. Turkey, at the completion of a month long investigation, begs to differ and may move to ban the game on their soil. Their argument claims that, with the need to combat mobs (on adventure mode), the game carries too heavy a focus on violence, despite its proven record as an educational and social tool.

The case against Minecraft has since moved on to the legal affairs department, which could very well place a ban on the game. The blocks are in the Turkish court’s hands now and, given their concern that children may confuse it for the real world or spend too much time playing it, a ban is not unlikely. Still, they’ve acknowledged that the game is a great outlet for creativity, so there is hope yet.

Hell, if I was them and that concerned about the violence, I’d simply restirct the adventure mode or, at the very least, ask for the removal of the mobs. It can already be accomplished in the game’s vast settings, so it’s not out of the picture by any stretch.

Personally, I think they’re being a little too strict with this one, but what do you think? Is Minecraft too focused on violence? Sound off in the comments!

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