In the massive library of comic franchises that could be easily turned into the next film or TV show, none are as exciting or as odd as the cult classic Preacher. While it’s great to see this comic get some mainstream attention, one wonders if the content of the originals will shed a negative light on AMC’s adaptation of the series. Americans aren’t as quick to accept a story in which God doesn’t have absolute power. The only way the project might succeed is with strong casting and writing, and the series may already have its lead.


Dominic Cooper is being strongly considered for the role of Jesse Custer, a preacher that loses his faith in the Almighty once he learns that God seemingly got sick of his job and left Heaven. Custer becomes infused with the being Genesis, the product of some forbidden angel-on-demon action, after it kills his congregation of flattens his church. Strong stuff, but then, so was The Walking Dead, and AMC probably has no regrets about that gamble.

Cooper is no stranger to superheroes. In Captain America: The First Avenger and Agent Carter he played Howard Stark, the father of one Tony Stark. Personally, I think the casting choice is spot-on. He could bring the intensity the role demands while remaining somewhat likeable to the audience. What about the creative side of things?

On the team to bring the supernatural western to life are Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, which seems a strange choice considering the darkest thing they’ve done is This Is The End, an apocalyptic comedy. Many aren’t sure if the pair can pull off the adaptation, but there’s always the golden rule of comic book shows or movies: follow the source material. If they stay true to the original, it could be a massive hit.


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